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Through the years we've acquired considerable experience with a variety of consumer product industries, generally dscribed as cosmetics, drugs and medical devices. Refer to the table below.

Cosmetics Drugs (OTC) Devices:
Loose powder Quick release tablets: Ointments
Pressed powder Granulated Transdermal intermediates
Creams and lotions Direct compression Technical expertise:
Mascaras Hybrids Web handling systems
Lip glosses Syrups (internal) Measurement systems
Ointments Lotions Inspection systems
Lip sticks (silicone & flood mold) Suspensions
Suspensions Isotonics (non-sterile) OTC review:
Emulsions Transdermal systems: Monitoring changes
Reservoir Verifying conformance
Matrix (drug in adhesive)

Our experience is very diverse but has a high concentration in pervasively regulated consumer product industries, such as those regulated by Food and Drug, Drug Enforcement Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and  including many Sate equivalents.

Agency Regulations Topics
FDA Part 211 GMP Finished Pharmaceuticals
Part 700 Cosmetics
Part 820 Device regulations
Part 1300 DEA
Drug Listing SPL generation to ESG account
DEA Part 1300 Biannual inventory
ARCOS reporting
Quota procurement (form 223)
EPA Establishment Registration
Pesticide Application (premarket approval of new products under FIFRA)
AFT Formula submission and approval (beverage grade and denatured formulas)

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