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Our experience is based on 30 years working with a variety of employers and industry contacts spread over related industries, generally heavily regulated industries that operate under FDA, EPA, DEA, AF&T as well as a litany of state and international standards.

Our services may be used to supplement your own team or to fill temporary or short term needs.

Please permit us to help you with your QMS challenges, great and small.

Some Useful Quality Mesages...
The 8 General Types of Waste

Scrap / Rework
Operator Motion
Operator waiting time
Under utilized Human Resources

10 Commandments of Improvement

Abandon fixed ideas
Think of ways to make it happen
No excuses needed
Go for the simple solution, not the perfect one
Correct misakes right away
Use your wits, not your wallet
Problems are opportunities
Repeat "Why" five times
Seek ideas from many people
There is no end to improvement

CGMP Finished Pharmaceuticals   FDA Guidances   DEA (Part 1300-end)
Cosmetic Regulations FD&C Act USP Pharmacopeia Convention
IQSR: Device Regulations Drug Listing Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States
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