7mm wrench. Fox 2010 32 Fit RL-RLC Syringe and Tube Brake Bleed Service Kit . Flick and release the brake lever a few times. During cleaning up I noticed the syringe says it was for single use only. 8 August in MTB workshop & tech. SRAM Bleeding Edge Tool Assembly with 100ml DOT 5.1 and Syringe. $13.89. If the hydraulic disc brakes on your bike are feeling spongy at the lever, then it’s normally a sign that the system has taken in some air. Pump the brake lever a few times, open the valve/nipple, squeeze the lever to the bar, close it, release the lever. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5. If the lever feels soft, return to step and repeat. Remove the wheel and set it to the side for now. Compatibility: Shimano (2012+) 100ml mineral fluid (Gold, Green & Red available) 20ml syringe with tubing attached. The methods for bleeding both the front and rear brakes are the same. Add to Basket. Fluid Bleed Kit . The funnel is cheap and any 50ml syringe will work if … Remove the bleed screw and O-ring, and attach the oil funnel. Shimano hydraulic Disc brake bleed syringe and oil funnel Disc brake bleeding kit with syringe and reservoir funnel Kit includes: Master cylinder oil funnel and syringe bleed tool with calliper attachment Department: Unisex Frequently bought together + Total price: £31.98. Put the hose, pointing down, into a bag. 30ml mineral oil specific syringe with barbed adapter. Drainage tube. Secondly, you will need a Shimano Bleed Kit. Shimano Drain Pot & Syringe Kit Tool TL-S703. More × Close the valve/nipple and remove the bleed hose. $94.99. Park Tool BKM-1 Bleed Kit - Mineral Oil $139.95 Shimano Tl-Bt03 Disc Brake Bleed Toolkit $106.00 (2) Award Winner. $39.99. At this point, all your work at the brake caliper should be finished. RUB Use a 4mm Allen key to loosen the brake lever bar clamp. Is a new brake housing/lever assembly needed? Here we will not be using a syringe so you don't push any dirty fluid up through the brake lever . sw19carpenters Posts: 40. GBP Padded / Protective Short Liners / Chamois, How To: 12 Simple Steps to Bleeding Shimano Brakes, Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Bicycle Repair Stand [Rider Review], Wolf Tooth Masterlink Combo Pack Pliers [Rider Review], Taking The Love Of My Life To New Zealand [Video], Renthal FatBar Carbon V2 Handlebar [Rider Review], First start by putting your bike in a stand and. USD The kit is compatible with most Shimano hydraulic brake systems including Deore, SLX, XT and XTR. Air bubbles like to get trapped in the intricacies of the brake lever. BRL Shimano Disc Brake Bleeding A genuine Shimano product for keeping your hydraulic disc brakes in tip-top condition, this bleed kit is compatible with a wide range of systems. Already have an account with us? . Are you in search of a sturdy, trustworthy tool that can do multiple jobs at once?. ... Shimano TL-BT03S Disc Brake Bleed Kit . My 1st hydraulic set up and back brake has become spongy. 100ml genuine Shimano Mineral Oil in an induction sealed container (SM-DB-OIL) New Shimano bleeding tool with stopper (SM-DISC-BP) Bleed block/rotor correction tool. Everyone has different tricks to bleeding their mountain bike brake system, and this is how we recommend bleeding all Shimano brakes specifically. $35.99. Universal Bleed block for two and four piston brakes. Enter the syringe mount. 1 sold. This kit has everything needed to bleed Shimano hydraulic brakes. A special feature of our kit is the flexible silicone hose, which offers a very secure attachment to the bleed nipple. crossed Posts: 213. Remove either the front or rear wheel depending on which brake you are going to be bleeding first. Using other types of fluid will breakdown the seals inside the brake system and could cause the system to fail. Shimano Disc Brake Bleed Kit - 100ml Mineral Oil +Funnel ... (12) 12 product ratings - Shimano Brake Bleed Kit with 100ml Mineral Oil and Bleed Block. Especially the rear brake was spongy, and would require a quick pre-pump before it would actually bite. 1x 60ml high pressure syringe & injection tubing. Buy your bleed kit syringes from Epic Bleed Solutions - No.1 for mountain bike brake bleeding.