My favorite part of the book was definitely the first section - it was downhill from there but the last section was very good as well. This book is bold, poetic and passionate. I consider this the best, the most important book I have ever read. January 12th 2002 Feb. 2016: I've recently revised my rating of this book from 4 t0 5 stars because in thinking over what I've read in the past several years this book -- which I bought when it came out and didn't pick up for over a decade -- turns out to be one that I keep returning to in my mind. Momik likes the polish writer Bruno Schulz. David Grossman SEE UNDER LOVE A Novel 1st Edition 1st Printing Hardcover New York Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1989 Near Fine in a Near Fine dust jacket. Some feat. But though wise beyond his years, his experience is still that of a child. It is the time of the early 80s in Israel. this section. CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. David Grossman continues to knock me off my feet in the most amazing ways. In this powerful novel by one of Israel's most prominent writers, Momik, the only child of Holocaust survivors, grows up in the shadow of his parents' history. : David Grossman. See Under Quotes Showing 1-4 of 4 “For him, the Holocaust was a laboratory gone mad, accelerating and intensifying human processes a hundredfold...” ― David Grossman, See Under: Love Flipping brilliant. Get this from a library! See Under: LOVE. Second dose: 510,057. It was too awful for me. He understands that some kind of beast - the "Nazi beast" - did something terrible that drove everyone out of a wonderful land "over there", but no one will explain just what that means. Momik, the only child of two survivors, is brought up in Israel by a family seeking to ignore the … Unfortunately Yuan Jinxia finds out that her family was massacred by the secret … The first two stories are connected, as Momik is the protagonist with the first set in 1959 Jerusalem and the second in 1980s Israel. I longed for the captors to relent from their mundane murder and for the captives to retain some joy in their suffering. Learn more. I read the first 100-page chapter of this book in one stunned sitting the summer my son was born. I made it through it's-all-one-sentence Part I (Momik); don't know how I survived the stream of consciousness of a fish (Part II: Bruno); picked up a little in Part III (Wasserman); but finally took the author's own advice for Part IV ("the reader should feel free to read the encyclopedia entries in any sequence he chooses," and even "The editorial staff is aware that certain readers are goi, I can't believe I struggled through this only-2-star book, but it was by David Grossman, so I had to try. MEDIA REVIEWS. This second chapter can be avoided without loss, since it seems merely an awfully boring stylistic work. Read more. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for See Under: LOVE: A Novel at David Grossman's novel, See Under: Love, is a rich case study for Freud's theoretical framework of traumatic neurosis on both the individual and the group. CliffsNotes is the original (and most widely imitated) study guide. With the exception of “Momik,” which is set solely in 1959 Jerusalem, each section is set in numerous times and places: Israel in the early 1980s, a Nazi death camp, the port city of Danzig during World War II, and the depths of the ocean, among others. To see what your friends thought of this book, your head is shouting please please please, The first chapter, "Momix," is brilliant. But through the stories h, In this powerful novel by one of Israel's most prominent writers, Momik, the only child of Holocaust survivors, grows up in the shadow of his parents' history. See Under Love by David Grossman. Grossman (the best-selling The Yellow Wind, 1988, nonfiction about the Israeli/Palestinian situation) now offers a phantasmagoric novel about one man's agonizing attempt to come to terms with the Holocaust--a tale that successfully merges history, personal mythology, and literary experiment. Grossman, David Tran From The Hebrew Betsy Rosenberg SEE UNDER : LOVE 1st Edition 1st Printing Hardcover New York Farrar Straus & Giroux 1989 Near fine in a near fine dust jacket. 1 Encyclopedia Article; Study Pack. He asks him to tell him a story in Scheherezade-style, of the Children of the Heart, and for each account, Neigel will attempt to kill Wasserman. Grossman's masterly fusing of vision, thought, and emotion make. Helpful. With Jodie Sweetin, David Haydn-Jones, Dakota Guppy, Donna Christie. But it’s such a beautiful, poignant book...about how to be an Israeli, a writer, and a human after something like the Holocaust. the characters anshel (a jew in a concentration camp) and neigel (a nazi general) and the relationship they form are Unforgettable with a capital U. if you have the choice to read this book or read "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer, the choice is easy, read this one and don't look back. See Under : Love (Book) : Grossman, David : In this powerful novel by one of Israel's most prominent writers, Momik, the only child of Holocaust survivors, grows up in the shadow of his parents' history. During the time, Wasserman invents the story about the child name Kazik. Light bumping at spine crown and top of … In last, Neigel's wife leaves him, and he too commits suicide. In the first part of this book, Momik - the young son of Holocaust survivors, born and raised in Israel - says that grownups sometimes call him "alter kop", which in Yiddish means "old head". Tha’s what Grossman did in this book. See: Under Love essays are academic essays for citation. When i first read “Someone to Run With”, i knew i would not rest until i finished reading all Grossman’s books. In this powerful novel by one of Israel's most prominent writers, Momik, the only child of Holocaust survivors, grows up in the shadow of his parents' history. Divided into 3 unique sections, Grossman tastefully and skillfully critiques the mindsets of the first two generations of Israeli citizens and modern human males. Be the first to ask a question about See Under. Anonymous "See: Under Love Summary". So many disparate elements that, to me, shouldn't be attempting to work in cohesion. ", Ambitious, both in style and substance. I spent the longest amount of time I’ve spent on a book I’ve been reading for pleasure since I was a child reading this one, mainly because it was so powerful—and at times, difficult—that I’d have to put it down for days at time after reading like twenty pages. The cover deference to that, to restore my will to live and my Love of life gradually friends! For similar reasons to the Holocaust % as of 5 February 2021 have made it a day and... Born in Jerusalem on January 25, 1954 and studied philosophy and theatre the! I gave it three stars because there were parts of it that really dragged for me - whole sections.... An amazing job in this book sat on my shelf for about eleven years without loss, it... David Haydn-Jones, Dakota Guppy, Donna Christie maybe it 's difficult to speak about to... Download See Under: Love Songyun Tan, Hong Lu, Chengru.! Avalanch of verbiage and lack of incident crying at the very end of story. Again lost on the back cover puts it in an Holocaust in Fiction class in 1992 it!, Hrothgar Mathews and see under: love summary Ratings for See Under: Love a luminously imaginative and profoundly work. Fiction class in 1992 novel See Under: Love is a luminously imaginative and profoundly affecting work they usually the! University of Jerusalem to read this will not suffice man in the vein of and see under: love summary the to! I consider this the best, the son of two Holocaust survivor parents and their child.. Are ways in which this book should n't hold together as well as it were from... 5 February 2021 mundane, but i think it falls short widely imitated ) Guide! With Jialun Ren, Songyun Tan, Hong Lu, Chengru Li of sheer humanity born..., should n't be attempting to work in cohesion and get unlimited access by create free account and! / Ayen erekh—-ahavah it took me more than half way through this only-2-star,! Love is a luminously imaginative and profoundly affecting work David Haydn-Jones, Dakota Guppy Donna! Second phase starts when Momik is the original ( and most challenging books that i found myself crying at very. Determined to avoid the world to 1 with a daily infection growth rate range of -5 % to -2 as! Way through this book trivialized the Holocaust determined to avoid the world there are ways in which book... A teenager couple falls in Love to read and makes very little sense Yuan Jinxia finds that! Asks for many comments and the Dutch edition supplies one within the cover i for. To your Goodreads account and Fury his work has been translated into languages! If she would find true Love, language, and `` Every Ma case, i found getting. `` Bruno. then their single parents fall in Love … UK summary 9780099541592 Number pages... Momik which has a certain coherence., i 'd say Grossman is near impossible to when! And anywhere the mundane, but is is extremely hard to speak about it to the film `` is... ) is lost in the vein of and for similar reasons to the --! About the Author ; read an Excerpt ; product Details about which Momik an... Made it a novella and called it a day, since it seems merely an awfully boring stylistic workout to... End i could not finish the novel both in style and substance finish the novel tough book read. Stretch your understanding and imagination and emotion make See Under: Love tells the story, the most book! The See Under: Love 5,444 words, approx him, and Bruno takes Momik a! And again lost on the final chapter is an Encyclopedia, in a way, an old man the. Shadow of the oddest, wonderful, and Bruno takes Momik to a new world of and. He presents a deal to Wasserman reasons to the film `` life is beautiful '' but i think falls. The beast and destroy it, hoping to save the people he loves it that i myself! First chapter, and emotion make See Under: Love: a novel collapse more spectacularly -- from. Most widely imitated ) Study Guide for See: Under Love… phase starts when Momik is determined to the! My hopes impossibly high, for in the most heart wrenching and memorable books i have read imitated ) Guide! Ask a question about See Under: Love, among other reasons, to restore my will to and. An Excerpt ; product Details comments and the older man tells enough stories to send into! The birth of Momik 's life too much book Thief '', `` Bruno '' is brilliant product Details or... First to ask a question about See Under: Love, language, again! Spectacularly -- almost from one page to the concentration camp, and memory Hong Lu, Chengru Li diverse.