The Ciroc coco light martini is a low-cal drink with coconut vodka and pineapple juice. The vodka is then carefully infused with fresh, sweet pineapple, and a hint of other tropical fruit. Print Ingredients. Here is what to mix with peach vodka to make a party-pleasing fruity drink. In a cocktail shaker combine the vodka and citrus juices and shake well. 1 splash of triple sec. CÎROC Pineapple Vodka. (That’s where Jenny first tried the cocktail and loved it … Mix first 3 ingredients in blender and blend until slushy. Top up with pineapple juice. LA PINA. The fruity Cirocs are a lot more reasonable when compared to Ten or even the plain variant of Ciroc. Ciroc Prices Type Size Price Cîroc Peach Vodka 750ml $33.99 Cîroc Pineapple Vodka 750ml $33.99 Walmart Cîroc Ultra-Premium Vodka 750ml $29.97 Is Coca Cola and vodka good? 1 1/2 oz. We prefer to keep pricing as easy as it possibly can be. Review: What to do with the left over juice from the Ciroc Koolaid Pineapples? Perfect served chilled, on the rocks or with a splash of orange juice. And rightfully so. In this article: alcohol, ciroc, diddy, drinks recipe, spirits. Bon Ton. Another good complement to the Red Berry Ciroc is an equal quantity of cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime. Whats people lookup in this blog: man. Ciroc Pineapple Spritz Ingredients: 45ml Ciroc Pineapple, 100ml lemon lime soda. Garnish with a lime wedge. COSMO. I find myself grabbing ciroc more than others because of the flavors. This entry was posted in recipes, vodka and tagged ciroc cocktail recipes, ciroc pineapple, ciroc vodka, ciroc vodka recipes, cocktials with ciroc pineapple, pineapple cocktail, pineapple vodka, simple cocktails with ciroc pineapple on October 6, 2014 by Greg. So put Ciroc Summer Watermelon together with Lemonade and Soda Water and you get one delicious cocktail! Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. The "Ciroc Diddy," named after the main celebrity spokesman for the brand, Sean "P Diddy" Combs, calls for equal parts Ciroc and lemonade served in an extra-tall highball glass. Message from the CEO – Introducing the swaasthyaBOX; Instagram; facebook; LinkedIn; Services . Ciroc Red Berry Vodka. I would NOT mix with a "flavored" spirit. Pain management; Stress management; Detoxification champagne. Related Recipes . pour about a 3rd a cup in a blender, and then put a whoooooole glob of ice cream in there (preferably vanilla) and blend until all the chunks are gone out of the ice cream. 35% Alc/Vol. Pineapple juice, coconut vodka and lime are all it takes to create this refreshingly tart summer drink. Ciroc Vodka is an ultra premium vodka holding uncommon at all levels; the Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes distilled, grown in the historic regions of Gaillac and Cognac in France, to the techniques of fermentation and maceration in innovative cold normally found in developing wine with subtle aromatic and flavor smooth, refined naturally. They cost about $30.00, which is only about 2 or 3 times more than the cheapest brands. Interesting question, but you'll have to bear with me for a moment, as my answer will come across as quite a bit snarky. 1 oz of cranberry juice or splash of cherry juice. OHHHH, what dont you mix with cocunut rum?!? easy . Almost anything you would with Vodka in it. Create the perfect Malibu and Pineapple with this step-by-step guide. COUNTRY. 3/4 oz pineapple juice. Malibu Rum, Pineapple … Your bartender(s) will arrive thirty minutes before your planned event in order to set things up. 3 oz. The versatility of the liquid offers consumers an expanded range for cocktail creativity. Or "Celebration" 1 1/2 oz Ciroc. And when you use Saucey for your needs, you’ll like it too! After trying the newly launched CÎROC French Vanilla Vodka which we rate highly, we jumped at the offer of having World Class champion bartender, Jamie Jones, pop around to our bar to demonstrate some of the latest cocktails which harness this new vodka’s rich flavours. ON THE BEACH. France. Go for something like: pineapple sangria; pineapple vodka and soda – for a light but so tasty drink Diddy” Combs, and as a matter of fact, he announced Ciroc’s newest flavor, pineapple (pictured above) on his Instagram profile. Fill two tall collins glasses with ice layering a few lemon and lime slices with the ice. CÎROC Spritz. For comparison, Smirnoff pineapple vodka costs about $12.00 for 750 ml while Ciroc’s pineapple drink can be found for as low as the mid-twenty dollar range. Ready? Top with a splash of sparkling wine. Types of Alcohol; ... Be sure to serve Ciroc vodka, since it’s awesome! Unfortunately, you can only use this service if you’re 21 or over. Transfer into champagne coups (with adorable baby’s breath garnish, obvs). Made With Vodka Infused With Coconut, Pineapple, And Other Natural Flavors. Distilled five times to ensure high quality, the spirit is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of pineapple and other natural flavors, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Mar 28, 2013 - Explore Black Crown Lounge's board