Hung Lo, a jewelry shop owner, is obsessed with gangster rapping. We break down what each tongue-in-cheek title makes reference to. He disgusts the woman with his germaphobic behavior, and she leaves, declaring that she'll never date over the Internet again. A pair of obnoxious 20-something New Jerseyites are at a salon in their quest to get the perfect tan. In his paranoia, he shoots an arrow at a self-portrait on the wall. ... Grilled (a.k.a. With the carousel rotating at an extreme speed, one of the teens flies off and his brain stem is impaled orally on a horseshoes pole sticking out from the sandbox nearby. From this episode on, deaths are redisplayed in the 2-2-2-1 format with commercial breaks, and the informational segments during commercials were removed. Two inept tennis players (who idolize 1970s stars John McEnroe and Björn Borg) hire their own personal referee. Up the road, a junk scavenger finds a truck tire and tries to pull it onto the bed of his pickup. A strict yoga instructor (Bria Roberts) bullies and repulses her students with her constant flatulence. Along with the butler and the $1000-a-day hookers, the man also buys a crossbow to use against his alleged enemies. A former CIA agent, now working in industrial espionage, breaks into an office to steal information. A nerdy man with an extreme hatred for bugs covers a wall of his home with homemade flypaper coated with cyanoacrylate. Once he descends the ladder, in a panic, the first man knocks a wrench off the roof which falls and hits him in the head. When a security guard catches him, he locks himself in a closet and dives through a hatch in the wall, falling down a garbage chute and into an incinerator. Suspecting her of adultery, an argumentative husband hires a hitman to follow his wife and, if he finds her with a man, kill them both. One of the guards rolls in a flash grenade to distract the warden so they can capture him, but the flash grenade rolls too close to the warden's head and explodes, blowing the warden's skull open and frying his face. 1000 Ways to Die (2008–2012) Episode List. Enough of it absorbs through his skin and into his bloodstream to induce lethal alcohol poisoning. The farmer wakes up as the pig continues eating him. As Hung Lo begins … The first gets in the back to loot the meat, but is locked in by the driver. The rope gets tangled and pulls the chainsaw into his neck, partially beheading him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. See more ideas about Cooking recipes, Recipes, Food. An hour later, he lights a cigarette, but drops it on the wick of one of the fireworks, setting them all off and causing the fireworks to explode, killing him. The "extremely painful stomachache" was actually the magnets tearing through his small intestine and attracting each other, causing fatal internal bleeding. After being sneezed on by a homeless man who rummaged through his trash and drank his discarded cup of coffee, a germaphobe gives himself a bath in a tub filled with isopropyl alcohol. 1000 Ways to Die is Spike's often hilarious 30-minute anthology of people dying in spectacular, gruesome and often stupid ways. They decide to settle the conflict by using their trucks to play tug-of-war. At a Native American gift shop with his wife, an idiotic tourist helps himself to a basket of hot peppers, not realizing that they are intensely hot ghost chili peppers. The two tie up the old magician, find a vial of cocaine, and begin to snort it. If you agree, keep watching and see a racer who gets E-raced, a high school student who really needs to go to school more, a juvenile delinquent who gets pecked out, a scam artist who blows a gas set, a forest hiker who gets dog boned, a hair dresser gets toxic, and a … He storms off after the barbell breaks during filming, and the cameramen (who are his high school buddies) mock him while playing with the exercise bench. Two redneck brothers at a barbecue are attempting to pick up the same girl. However, one of the ferrets finds its way into the man's rectum and feasts on his hemorrhoids, causing death from excessive bleeding. TV Show Ideas Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The mothers—who are revealed to be members of an underground fight club called "M.I.L.F" ["Moms I'd Like To Fight"] -- are incensed and beat up the man. NOTE: Do not confuse the title of the episode "Regular Show". A jilted, drunken man humiliates his ex-girlfriend (who is marrying an older, richer man) at her wedding by objecting to the marriage and stripping naked. While the cop searches their car, one of the smugglers has the other pull a hidden water balloon filled with cocaine out of his rectum to hide the evidence, as the cop told them that he would search their bodies. The force cracks his skull. Date: February 23, 1992 Location: Newport, Rhode Island. Year: ... A Chinese rapper gets grilled; a mini-golfer maxes out; a super lotto winner goes super nuts; a yoga teacher is a real gas; hipster goes down in slo-mo; a hacker gets hacked; a warden can't lock it down. Using his own semen from a furious masturbation session, the scam artist is able to extort some money as well as blackmail the motel owner into staying the night at the hotel for free by revealing the semen stains with an ultraviolet light. A female intern gets drunk at an office Christmas party and does strip teases for her male co-workers, much to her female coworkers' disgust. The workers get their revenge on him by making a gold grill lined with rosary peas, which poison the owner when he begins wearing it. After spraying themselves by hand with dihydroxyacetone (DHA), they climb into a stand-up spray tanning booth and light a cigarette. The powder absorbs water in their noses and expands in their tracheas, suffocating them. The venom enters his bloodstream through sores in his mouth, caused by eating the peppers, and kills him from organ failure. 1 Plot 2 Cast and Interviewees 3 Trivia 4 Segment Nicknames 5 Foreign names Mr. Logan Granfield had recently won $78,000,000 in a Mega Lottery and started by buying an extremely large mansion, a butler, and a $1,000 dollar a day hooker. A crooked stockbroker about to be searched by federal agents for running a Ponzi scheme nervously shreds all his papers, then suffers an extremely painful stomachache that leads to his death. Copyright: SPIKE TV Beautiful and incredible, it has few parallels on earth. While firing a rifle as a demonstration, he hits a barrel of sarin and mustard gas (mislabeled as containing hummus), causing the contents to spew out and kill everyone in the room. When the referee awards the game point, the loser of the point (the McEnroe wannabe) snaps his racket in half and furiously climbs on the referee chair as the ref jumps out of it. The man is launched off the gurney and lands on top of a "curved road" sign, impaling his stomach on the post. … He gets to the body of a British soldier, pushes it aside, and finds a Jam Tin Grenade, which explodes in his hands and decapitates him. As they begin arguing again, the hitman (who followed the husband's orders to the letter) comes in and shoots both the wife and the husband. He hooks a steel cable from his bumper to the bars and drives forward, but the cable snaps and decapitates him. When he finds out that he is about to be busted by the FBI, he hides in his trailer. A stripper and her planking-obsessed dwarf boyfriend stumble upon a playground, which is the perfect place for him to plank. A crooked farmer breaks into his neighbor's pigpen and masturbates the neighbor's pig in the hopes of selling its sperm on the black market. 1000 Ways To Die Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Write a description about your topic. When he tries to cook some meat, the small cave quickly fills with smoke and he dies of carbon monoxide poisoning. -- This is the Original Episode -- Way to Die #485 On May 4, 2005, in Peoria, IL. Due to how extremely tight the baby swing is around his waist, the man later dies from sepsis due to a ruptured appendix. But, a freak gust of wind blows her umbrella out of her hands and sends it crashing down, wedging into her spinal cord and killing her from neurogenic shock. A recovering alcoholic brings his callous, alcoholic wife to his sobriety party. After a few days, the man soils himself from loss of bladder and bowel control, gets dehydrated, and starves to death in another couple of days, becoming a buffet for all the bugs he collected for torture. After he strips naked and lubes himself up, he squeezes into the swing, but gets stuck and his friends decide to leave him in the swing for the night. Abandoned by his wife for not doing outdoor chores, a man tries to get the attention of his attractive neighbor by tying a rope to his chainsaw and swinging it over his head. The putter breaks and the sharp end impales the man in the heart. 1000 Ways To Die #105 French Fried - Requested by bubbalance1 December 23, 1988 Milwaukee, Wisconsin A French maid performs for a dying elderly millionaire in bed who is hooked up to a respirator to bring oxygen into his body. Two unrelated thieves attempt to loot a meat truck. He uses it to bully, tease, and harass his workers into making jewelry with toxic legumes called rosary peas (which contain abrin). A female boxer uses diuretics to dehydrate herself so she can become bantamweight. Aired March 26, 2012. In a plan to land a full-time position, she decides to photocopy her rear end for the boss. The series first aired on May 14, 2008. A cemetery owner digs up his corpses and dissolves them in hydrofluoric acid to make room in the plots and coffins to put them up for resale. For a desert start, try finding the forge cabin poi (follow the gravel paths). A group of hipster filmmakers are out one day recording themselves on a high-speed camera in the hopes of creating popular viral videos, when one gets the idea to film things being dropped from 80 ft. above them. When he finds his second target, he becomes clumsy but still succeeds. Title reference: A play-on of the phrase "Crying Over Spilled Milk". The bed's worn out electric blanket shorts out as a result and electrocutes them both. The unit switches on and quickly incinerates the man, leaving nothing but his skeleton. Season Episodes Premiere date Finale date 1: 12 May 14, 2008 ... Grilled: February 26, 2006: Shanghai, China: #680: Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy: A hardcore insectophobe sets up giant sheets of fly paper around his house in the hopes of killing them all, only to be Hoist by His Own Petard when he tries to swat a mosquito and gets stuck on the fly paper himself. Nov 2, 2018 - Explore Jennifer Lewis's board "1000 Ways To Fix Chicken", followed by 164 people on Pinterest. The two attempt to steal customers at a street art fair by lowering prices, and then the battle escalates to a food fight. The owner of the building, annoyed by the numerous break-ins, scares them off by chasing them while wearing a creepy costume. 1000 Ways to Die is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Cody breaks the silence but throws a knife and still succeeds. Title reference: A spoof to the saying "Think Globally Act Locally" Note: This is the final episode to have Ron Perlman as narrator. Originally aired December 16, 2009. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unfortunately for him, the birds are infected with avian flu, which he contracts. The male is a complete germaphobe, spraying everything with disinfectant and even using a neti pot to cleanse his sinuses before meeting the woman. In a rage after losing, the failed golfer hurls his putter at a scoreboard. All Discussions ... Yep, the cooking grill now has to be made in the forge, probably to partially gate the stronger food sources in grilled meat and bacon and eggs. When she looks out the large window one day, a freak gust of wind causes it to shatter and impale her with hundreds of shards of glass.