Other than social and physical health. On the one hand, they may constitute an opportunity to increase workers' autonomy and work life balance. 495 0 obj Achieving a bright digital future requires knowing and managing the adverse effects of digitalization. For example, around 60 percent of digital decision-makers surveyed reported that the coronavirus pandemic is currently having a “rather … 511 0 obj Today, most airlines have already integrated digital processes like online check-in and real-time flight information for passengers. This paper aims to explore how digital technologies have forced small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reconsider and experiment with their business models (BMs) and how this contributes to their innovativeness and performance.,An empirical study has been conducted on 338 European SMEs actively using social media and big data to innovate their BMs. ?g�~�G��*��;���J_���T]LKvOu�]�����[E9�KY�5A�w�^�2`>�1�B֑��T 5_��/ۚ7���K���4��hP(' h���A�Wk���!��>�H;$�ٶ�����+�#ğ�z����%�P�>@�'Ҍ�} 0 �J� endstream 0000001786 00000 n w �h���!9t7#r�,-���4�Lk���*P��kH,�Ƽ����`���Nq E��(+�A�rʩ1F�cl��'��:�?�Zm�ܝ_g� ��������Ԑ,����x{��а�eU�5��O����x�'��z���o�س;�0�U���� Q���`2���mO+p? Due to close Monitoring and control via digital processes, supply chains can already be designed so efficiently that goods and products are delivered exactly when they are needed. 0000008572 00000 n Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. ��oB�1h?��k�Rh���L�}e=�W���m�����ހ6=��[�~ �Ҟ�pa$�!�������/�2��%�k�V�r߸��Bn(:��������~���O��w�7-���Q�O[��������uc�o��|��� �9������l�ӏ�Ȧ�a.�� |��FB�z�U�d�}���2�{a��ѓ�� �;��ޗ�?�����|���g��U�F��k��qk7n��|s,I��_�� 9~��1�������~��'��7�_��;�� 2����$9�&��v�V�Z��k=��L>���|]�`��8#gd�t��p㬊e>���Z�F>�|�O�;~��P4�"��ӥ�SB�9T�2=0�r)ObZ�P�:�����Uℹ��NZH)����� dµ�Jc&� J�� FAQ > 0000009679 00000 n endstream %PDF-1.7 %���� <>stream H��T[��0��S� ��0,$����k���m9��,LB������ӟ���!A2���|?>�աJ�+�i1 �X��+@_�1b$!�*��J�1��/Y:V��0��w�M��z?����8��*���}�pG_u)���� *��I?�C5E����p'A YI���u�\XG\ v�5U��:e�*_o�p�w�G(̴��V��O@�)Χ����L�_R�P��ʨb��)�r.�@�+t��n��9��O�U� 0000006838 00000 n | Negative effects of digital life. 60% felt it hindered writing and face-to-face communication; i.e., communication with … The effects are especially strong on teenagers.” A communications professional based in North America said, “My sleep patterns have been negatively impacted.” A North American professo r wrote, “Time previously spent dealing with boredom – day dreaming, contemplating, etc. ��ó�I��P�hhѪ%��+��Xu���\���,�KOr��̉�e�ij`��Z�`�Qt�!S�%`� ��3��[�*��� ��n�������n�`. The taxonomy shall serve as platform for further research on identifying and managing the risks and side effects of digitalization. Lr�F?��r3��Q)�� =f�q�E���]hD& <> endobj <>stream 488 0 obj Digitalization also affects the value of products such as automobiles. The objective of this paper is to identify, structure, and communicate the most severe adverse risks and side effects of digitalization. 499 0 obj endobj <<>> //]]>. However, along the second digital revolution in industry the scope for automation is increasing from single plants to networks of plants, or even value creation networks composed of value creation nodes of various types across an entire enterprise. ISBN 978-1-7336325-0-8 Research Papers. Um�gH^�-�ȤH@U�2�� 0 �WL+ <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 617.094 153.96 629.106]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> ECIS2019 �߶�w�'����q��\��W��L�������]�a��+Wp������-|�!27���t�a���'/��uZ���曌�ۄ����]�����u���\J�獋O� 6,��1��%��\�O,b+�f:������R9�V�����w�Wp̚X����7� X�B���VXk�Fġ�� 1f�Y��ioa���7��I�-Dgi�d�`=�V�c�-(F]�蛶9�K\\o��>�`��xq��O� E� endobj This are some of the distraction that can be caused by technology. 0000005791 00000 n �cS�?X� �#QFd�zB�]��.�d�K>Fy�)��m��^ʅ�N�+��>NN�Q�Cx �ƒ`-Y��lS��M���E=S�8 h^� In industry, individual components can be tracked over several production lines and plants. 482 0 obj endobj Gimpel, Henner and Schmied, Fabian, (2019). endobj In the long run, balancing the positive and negative effects of digitalization will require a coherent strategy involving policymakers, technology developers, patients and HCPs. <> <> endobj Social media is one aspect of digitalization, which has both positive and negative sides. Easy access to information increases the chance of its misuse, for example, incorrect self-diagnosis for health conditions, and allows the spread of false information which can be used for manipulative purposes. 494 0 obj To begin with, technology has opened many doors for. WP�d@U���b��E�zdĤ� endobj 0000003115 00000 n H�tTIn�0��zAOo܀` ۑ^�'�$����47l%��R���UE�)�ޟ�6�X"�h���g{#m����� � > <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[243.264 211.794 407.796 223.806]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj <>stream https://aisel.aisnet.org/ecis2019_rp/145, Home Traditional businesses and industries as well as new forms of work in the on-demand economy are assessed. Although many people argue that technology has negative effects on the job market, there have been many times technology has proved itself to be a positive addition to jobs and employees. This paper discusses the expectations and fears employees have towards digitalization changing their work. 492 0 obj endstream 0000025403 00000 n �Yg�w3�)i��k��Uu�$�j�-4��T%�aJ��7�p'�l+N�����,|�3�:k����~���4�{���wB"(�)`����E�p��mi���7#�h��֝�&�pJ]�jX�Ċ�\N�w��nf�M� �� +zKe > 105, 10785 Berlin, Germany Abstract—How does increasing digitalization affect the 0000003372 00000 n @�߇��_��7���鐈��2����I���|�4h�/� �EJ� endobj Software increasingly plays a role as well. endstream 0000014355 00000 n [CDATA[ According to the DMEXCO Trend Survey, the COVID-19 crisis poses acute economic challenges for many digital companies. Editor Login | H��TMo�0��W�^8��� �@ҥ@���c/[���z鿟l�h8E���Q|$ߣ���`>|���6�����>q H��TMo�@��W�1=0��{Br�ub��R�V-GԴ <>stream Copyright, //