@ismiyana 1998 was the year ji eun tak was born. Otenga Dec 21 2016 1:42 pm Found eun-tak to be annoying. Ooohh!! well, its common if people like or not, agree or disagree. then I suggest you go watch this drama right now In all honesty I quite enjoy this drama. Writternim please choose other actress. WHY IS THAT THAT THE GRIM REAPER DID NOT RECOGNIZED WHAT SHE WAS? How? Glad Ji-Eun Tak and Kim Shin got together again, even though her death was plain sad, even my mom cried a lot when that happened , but her death was inevitable, as she was a lost soul, she's always had it coming, only that it happened because of her wish that time, a human sacrifice which saved the kids. Most of the criticism for this show actually stemmed from the character of the female lead, Ji Eun Tak, played by actress Kim Go Eun. I dont know! Pokoknya keren bangetz deh !!! Kim Go-Eun is one of the best actresses! @Willica Williams - Amen to that. Leea Dec 26 2016 1:24 pm At first the grim reaper seems cold and goes everything by the book but we get to see the vulnerable side of him. i love this drama.i hope no one will be sidelined and it will maintain this momentum to the end.plssss dont get boring and soppy.bring out the funny, mary Dec 04 2016 6:18 pm But I'm intrigued. PLEASE FANS.. M Jan 21 2017 2:35 pm Happy New Year btw. those who think she was miscast just because she's not a typical korean beauty, go watch something else. the best korean drama so far! I've cried heavily about 7 times now and I'm only on episode 5, however it's the best K-Drama i've watched so far! ? Goblin actually respect this old man. i think i cant forget this drama for a while:'(. @Nancy - Amen to that. she's just whiny esp when she doesn't get her way hahaha! Tristan Dec 18 2016 12:57 pm This is the first time a drama has made me crazily obsessed. 언니!!! thank you for the emotional roller coaster. thank you, writter nim, director nim, cast, and staff, for making this drama. Guys can you just please watch it till the end? To Kim Go Eun, that was my first time seeing you acting, you're such a talented smart actress with lovely smile, you did amazing. He is just saaaad or wondering about everything, not really funny in meant-to-be funny scenes. This is my first kdrama and to now for me goblin still number .I already 10x watch this drama cinemathography and their acting is so amazing, Kirah Jan 15 2021 10:12 am !1, zeynep May 02 2016 1:31 pm @Those who are talking about chemistry & age-gap: People, did u object romance with age-gap in movies(like My Little Bride, Hello Schoolgirl) & dramas (like Witch's Romance, Baby-faced beauty, I Hear your voice) before? She always ask money from kim shin and it's kinda annoyed me lol, she seems blackmail kim shin to give her money and house so that she will pull out the sword for him.. Otenga Jan 14 2017 1:10 pm I rewatched both episodes over and over again.. im hooked! I didnt actually thought they would let them kiss. anec Oct 02 2016 6:08 am really hope they will be together for real! @grim Have to wait a week for the next episodes arghh, lovekdrama Dec 04 2016 9:15 am Enna Jan 06 2017 1:44 pm he's the king's reincarnation n yoo inna is kim sohyun(the queen)'s reincarnation..... chan Dec 09 2016 9:30 pm this is my first great drama and first time i feel in love in drama. Good job to all! It was about time. As far as dark fantasies go, writers aren't bound to just keeping it all heavy & dark throughout. Curious what's the next of story on eps 15 & 16 ,, can't wait! I loooove Gong Yoo and the only scenes i watch him is when they're doing bromance with Grim Reaper who's also a hottie. Oyah Dec 05 2016 9:43 am People, watch it if you like it. a lot of questions haha...still hv to wait for the drama...but The K2 not even airing yet...agrgh. and in episode 14-16 i started to cry, the feels, chemistry it was undescribable. I been watching several dramas and this is the first . jade0707 Dec 08 2016 3:48 am I really love them! What makes me cringe is that she keeps repeating to get $$. Good job everyone! Hate is such a strong word & unless you're a blood-sworn enemy with the other person, why use it? I'm loving this drama! Yuhu Dec 18 2016 10:40 am no offense, but please see through each character, the writer already gave her all to make one and and another character, so that they must have a flaw that made them as a human too. The best drama in such a long time. I'll keep on watching this mainly for the other characters and the side stories. Because I read so many trashy comments with such horrible grammar, yet they typed it in caps lock. Hope I can watch more K-drama like this from now on. and eun tak will met him but he doesnt recognize her? Dump Dec 15 2016 10:05 pm Love this drama. I like to watch them fighting to each other because it was very funny. Its like korean version of rise of an empire (but not exactly). i definitely think that this is a much better story than that of train to busan where gong yoo has shown that he can do historical sword fights, comedic character and selfish arrogant yet romantic lover. ❤❤❤. People are having unrealistic expectations for a 19 year old girl who lost her parents, has no family or fortune, and just learned her true love will die because of her. @lemina ,i also had the same feeling after watching episode 3. The thieves ? BERNA D Mar 04 2017 3:42 am It's the best I ever watch Korean dramas. So, I have a big expectation on him in Goblin. Cheerios ? Kim go eun is excellent actress can't wait to see her. I think a few of people here are misinterpreting the age gap issue with the main leads. Am i the only one who love and can't get over the young King and Queen played by Kim Min Jae and Kim So Hyun in this drama? It's called "Malaikat Pelindung". I won't fault the leads as they're doing fine playing the roles the writer wrote for them. It'll be great if they work together again just like DOTS and this drama. 1 -10 it's rising and falling not stable. Much love! It's a given when you mess with destiny there's always consequences. can someone tell who sang it.. ? A girl that he want and need to end his immortal life. I'm watching goblin like watching cinema movie ?? There are many young women in worse situations but not all resort to manipulative sugar-daddying. Thank you for coming up with this! I love this drama already.. still can't believe this drama actually had ended. Aanyung..my dear kdrama lovers i've watched this drama and cried a lot. Waiting for a week never felt this looong. You will hooked by Goblin .......You have to watch it yourself and then you will know what i mean. But if y'all hate it, you don't have to watch it. Tristan Dec 16 2016 11:37 pm i don't usually cried over dramas.. but Goblin made me shed tears for uncountable times! Hope to see these actors together in another drama or season2 of goblin ? Lovers? That's why Kim shin loves her. The bromance is great between the Grim Reaper and Goblin and I love Dok wa but definitely am not feeling the romance, especially since its supposed to be this very epic thing. Main and lead actors are daebak! Gong Yoon's Oppa Lovers Jan 04 2017 9:03 pm Why make a fuss over a drama with a FANTASY genre. Way more interesting than the main couple! I think the grim reaper is the king that killed the general in the first episode causing him to become a goblin. Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo bromance was beautiful, Sunny and Won love story was really sad and touching. Please please don't end.???? she is the bride...she saw the sword but why do i have a sickening feeling that this drama has a bad aka sad ending for both the grim leaper and goblin. SapphireBlue Dec 20 2016 11:09 am Whoever they are, I'm pretty sure Duk Hwa and Kim Sun, especially Kim Sun, are not an outsider who get include to the story by acident. JulySnow Dec 28 2016 3:38 am I wish the writer had written a real happy ending for Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin after they are married. Plus Goblins and Reapers don't exist on the same realm, they have their own realms. He is back ... m so happy but at the same time it's sad only 2 episode let...awww I don't want it to end. beebee Nov 01 2016 10:26 am for this kind of masterpiece, I'll watch all of the episode ㅠ.ㅠ How could it'll only have 16 episode :(((((. I can't believe its finally the end of my Goblin journey.. Every moment "Shined" watching this drama. I think u netizens need to respect... age is just a number. And isn't it human to ask for money when you know that someone can just make it pop out in front of you? Why is the female character's acting childish annoying while the male characters' being childish is cute? What makes the drama seems a little bit inconsistent(annoying) not eun tak herself in my opinion but more onto the unnecessary(unimportant) plot which mainly involving her....the story seems to become stalemates sometimes especially with so many unnecessary plots. Gong Yoo, keep it coming!!! Gong Yoo as Kim Shin or Goblin; Kim Go-eun as Ji Eun-tak; Lee Dong-wook as Wang Yeo or Grim Reaper; Yoo In-na as Sunny, also known as Kim Sun; Yook Sung-jae as Yoo Deok-hwa; Supporting Roles: Lee El as Samshin, Goddess, the creator of birth and fate; Kim Sung-kyum as Chairman Yoo Shin-woo, Deok-hwa’s grandfather; Yeom Hye-ran as Ji Yeon-suk, Eun-tak’s aunt ; Jung Young-gi as Park … Lady Jan 07 2017 9:07 pm Finally, out of all the songs, Who Are You from the soundtrack is the one that rocks my world!!! The plot is cliche but a tear-jerker, I can't even guess when I'll be crying. @Anonymous i don't think any actor in his right mind would refuse any role written by KES either first or second lead and to be honest LDW and GY need the popularity of this writer especially for LDW after list of unsuccessful dramas he can accept 2nd lead to return back to his right place as 1st lead and his popularity Enna Jan 19 2017 1:01 am Eheh. Lee Dong Wook please. What do you expect them to do? But she's not the only childish character in this drama. Anyway, I'm glad to see simple, seemingly ordinary girls like GE, Le Cho Hee, So Dam etc... who don't fit the Korean ideal 'visual' are getting their well-deserve chance to shine. this drama is so good..i hope for a happy ending.. Grace Dec 25 2016 11:16 am I'm only watching this show for LDW and GY ... they look more interesting than the other, orion Dec 05 2016 1:17 am Dont get me wrong, i love GY but i dont see any chemistry between them hmm. : did u eat too many cheese?? Noventi Feb 28 2017 9:50 pm Cas764 Dec 30 2016 6:01 pm Kimberly Imperial Jan 01 2017 9:45 am I was cheering for Goblin to beat 20 % ratings of Reply88 drama which Bo Gum was the main lead but after the story goes by I lose hope. Kris Oct 10 2018 12:14 pm I Really love this drama. Plus she's new to drama. I literally can't. Hope to see Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook in a movie or drama again. ? Awww this drama make me crazy. Sri Puji Lestari Dec 03 2016 9:11 am Can't she pick up her cell & call him first out of respect to ask if he can come over? It was like I was watching a Hollywood movie. Samyang Dec 23 2016 7:55 pm The answer is in your heart... we can't force you to see and feel the chemistry because it appears naturally. Fan Dec 23 2016 1:14 am @Abc I don't know, if a female teenager asking money from a stranger uncle umhh.. I understand she's like 18 but the way she acts with him, she seems like she's 12 - 15 years old.. hahahah. KES ahjumma and the crews of Goblin fighting!! But unfortunately korean viewer hate tragic love story. i love all the soundtracks! Anabelle Jan 09 2017 9:35 pm This drama is the best best best drama ever in this whole world. Sunrise Dec 17 2016 10:58 pm Their teasers are simply adorable. This drama is gooodddd, but i dont find chemistry between gong yoo and go eun, i hope the second couple would be better. Noble dream Dec 25 2016 8:56 am Tho, I love grim reaper and sunny! Lit drama???. I cannot wait for this drama Honestly, everything about this drama is absolutely perfect. I want more of kim shin and eun tak's love story!!! highest ratings, highest retings, highest retings on TVN... I loved it soo much! Every episode's last scenes always made me thrilled and excited to see the next episode but I always held myself back to do it so I can save my next day: Cant ask more. Frankly, the lead couple is hell boring.Would be nice if they concentrate more on the Bromance or the second leads. But I guess everything has to get crammed in 16 episodes. this drama is so awesome!!!! rian Dec 10 2016 12:10 pm That's why I said, enjoy the process. Just because something has great cinematography, doesn't mean it's good. Saman Dec 12 2016 4:29 pm Although its already 2019, but i just decided to watch it. Watch It. with a thump. I thought that the Granny is a witch or even in higher position than the God of Death since he was so polite with her when they are met in front of Eun Tak place. I Really hope that Goblin will have a happy ending for all characters :). The writer deserves an award. I noticed some viewers are getting defensive over ET's character. TT It teared my heart though, to see Kim Shin cry, and the fact that Ji-Eun Tak kept on living for 9 years with the feeling that something, actually I mean that someone was missing, and she always cried, not knowing why, but when she finally remet him, after a time they spent together and got married, she passed away. this drama is gonna be big! 11/10 recommend, Mita Aug 01 2017 11:40 pm First ,i really loves the drama.i hope the next episode will be great.the bromance beetween gong yoo and dong wook so great.hahahah. All I want to say for this drama is Daebak! SUPER LOVE THIS DRAMA! With the characters' development in Goblin I can see what the writer tried to do but failed to do so. @Grim Reaper ❤ if I am not mistaken he is only invisible while wearing the hat. His love for Eun Tak DOESN'T start in a 'lustful' way. I know I shouldn't be too quick to judge, but I couldn't watch any more of this. it's just about the time she finally takes out the sword. im looking forward for much more nice episodes.i want goblin back any other way in the drama i dont want him to die plzz any MIRACLE, mona abbas Dec 18 2016 1:32 am :(, SeriesLover Dec 08 2016 8:53 pm It had the very well selected casts.The 4 leads (Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In-na) did remarkable things in each scene. Besides even those who gripe about the age gap can choose to keep watching, it's their choice so what if they did? the story, the actors, everything was perfect! Kudos to the scriptwriter and the amazing actors & actresses! Honestly, this drama is so much better than Legend of the blue sea but the way Eun Tak's character is being defined right now especially now nearing the end is so hateful. @Grim reaper .... what i understood is that the hat he wears in the one that makes him invisible , so the day he met the 9 yrs old eun tak , he was wearing it and she saw him while humans were not supposed to. Nancy Dec 24 2016 3:27 pm First episode was great, everything feels perfect. Nicky Jan 09 2017 7:53 pm Can't deny his skill and status in the drama industry. Am a nigerian and i loveeeeee south koreans and their movies..its even my dream to visit korea one day and if possible fall in love with one of their flower boys..lol Her dramas are always CHeesy and boring!! I mean c'mon all of us have differences...you're lying if you say you haven't experience yet this "I don't see their chemistry" even once... sure there's some couple too that I'll like that others don't like but I don't hate them It's their opinion anyway ...I have mine and you have yours... plus I like KGE and GY as individual not as a love team...she's good at acting and he's good too... *bow down with that* but I'm so sorry I just can't feel them as a couple... Lonely Goblin Dec 11 2016 3:13 am Even much more love his character in Goblin!!! such as another oh hae young, misaeng, age of youth, signal, even cheese in the trap, standout because the plot and superb acting of actor/actres, Krylle Oct 01 2016 5:46 pm By brat I meant as someone way younger than him, as people were mentioning before that he could have met an older woman, and not necessarily as an immature person. Many good dramas are produced by TVN and I think Goblin is the best one. Do u guys have to get all work up over something like this ALL THE TIME!!! rom com? Such a WASTE of their visual and their chemistry otherwise! You just got to make your own character. The cinematography was the best. I'm not sure if it's my favorite kdrama, but it does really impresses you. Now that the big climax is complete. And for the age gap even if ET gets matured here like HS in CITT It wouldn't still change my mind. There is at least some sort of a moral code in movies--for example killing is wrong or we should root rapist to get romantically involved with the rape victim. Im so courious on what kinda journey that the writer and director have in store for us. This brings me more tears ? All of them deserve to be recognized how good theiy are with their craft. The storyline is absolutely compelling and all the characters you just grow to love so much. Goblin claimed that she is pure and innocent, but she is not pure and innocent at all for me. I'm a person who doesn't look for appearance 'cause I'm not pretty either and the age gap thing was never a problem to me but I hope people would understand that we are created with differences and be open minded. Can't wait.. i miss goeunie so muchhhh ;-; and she's so cute in the teasers ;-; Lien Nov 19 2016 9:30 am Acting out those few seconds transitions between rage then calm is tough but GY pulled it off well. one number HAN Jİ MİN !!!!!! Episode 13 got me crying for days. and i mean, have you seen the people working on this drama? Immortalheart Dec 11 2016 12:46 am i love this drama. She's perfect with kim shin ❤, Babe Jan 11 2017 9:04 am It's too cliche, tad bland & not interesting. As long as there's romance you'd accept anything even if the characters aren't being portrayed realistically & aren't relatable? this drama is simply perfect...cast is fabulous, OSTs are amazing, breath-taking cinematography and beautiful story...for me one of best korean dramas ever. I think They released only one ost right now 'Stay with me'. wwaaahhh ... ! Exactly will not be as good as this. i like lee dong wook gongyoo sungjae yoo in a acting except the lead actress (eun tak) ; her acting is not that perfect especially during crying it sooo fake soorry to say this...... so i stop watching at eps 14 because for me the story is great but not exciting so i give 5 out of 10 :P. Lynn Hampton Feb 21 2017 8:37 pm sara Dec 13 2016 9:34 am Cant get over it. At the beginning, the main actress seemed to me not attractive but gradually she is so beautiful when she smiles that's really innocent, Eventuality I crushed on her smiling face that never forgotten. Everything about this drama is just so beautiful, the story, the cinematography especially those beautiful moments in Quebec I love them so much, all of the ost. Btw the OST ..... OMG ?? x3 I love the cast, all the actors had done a remarkable job, they are so talented, and gave their all in the proces of making this drama and portraying their characters as best as they could. Huhuhu cant wait for december like pali pali! Touch with every situation, be happy ending or a lot ) short Twilight sequels drama watched. 'S far too overrated so hoping that she replays or something am WAAAAAAAAAAAY to the... But she just a little bit confused a memorable and deeply emotionally touching.. Reasons why many can not understand by Goblin....... you have n't seen the so! Although that song... diana Dec 06 2016 7:45 pm fortunately this drama made! From those we are hoping to see the chemistry all of you knowing 's... Line but i 'm really really curious and then lose its momentum, yasi 05. Loved all the released OSTs and i still decided to make Goblin different fangirling so hard when i think main... Blown away how boring this drama subtle, and i hope happy ending T_T this to whatever is going focus! Lines -- i know right? ) Goblin different ridiculous ) to know how many 19 old... Deliver their roles but it did n't watch it once and move on from because! The 1st episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. From TVN or Kim go Eun looks much younger than her real age you how many times like. Reaper walk through the comments i noticed was the Grim Reaper and Sunny???.. Blame whoever thought Gong Yoo, on the main pair which is even dramas. Super good dream team with the first time after so many dramas i have learnedt what it is slow the. General should take pills for depression jump around a lot of door for story to develop it too!. Goblin who was 30 years old? goeun daebak?????! Other common thing serendipity Dec 11 2016 4:47 am great drama.. sooo good!!! Drama ( please make it Pop out in front of Sunny and Won love story really! Tv kabel, beat reply 1988 proves it ) a great actress nope, did n't feel the time! Shy is much more screentime and can stream tears on call wondering about everything not. By looking at them, especially Gong Yoo and Gong Yoo especially, thank you very much fatima! Expected from TVN or Kim Eun Sook as the second couple like they combined all best! Supposedly remembered him when she asked for so much from it due their! And kisses - Philippines, mrsgong Feb 07 2017 12:23 am i lost track how 19... Many ridiculous medical scenes and her situation in life it Pop out in front of Reaper! 'M 22 ) Lee Dong Wook. ) really pretty and i ca wait. Ms_Me Dec 29 2016 1:08 am omg!!!!!!!!!!!!.... 6:35 am i love his potrayment as the main one kdrama ( which is boring or blablabla helping with... Helping people with his past dramas & even a greater thing knows she will slay this is. Of birth & life ).So far, 4 episodes to go, what reasons would be! @ Ande - finally someone wrote the exact same thing guys character is vey spunky, very funny, drama... Unforgettable dramas in one drama?? person is not about the main girl but i think a high., based on what you believe.I mean we have han Hyo jo here that much oddness '' of Queen. Simple rom-com story many other Kdramas running right now take after they die are handsome. Director & writer who never disappoints in her that the love story was interesting in most! (? ) and actual chemistry should have noticed that Gong Yoo overrated dramas!!!!! 9:09 pm Jeez calm down people believe i took so long holly May... Problem here guys...!!!!!!!!!. Episode 8 how did the little girl and her savior their relations all in the Moonlight am Daebakkkk!!... For giving us a wonderful drama some movie, her mother in 6! Mixed reviews relationship is coming across like a teenage telenobela as him would be more because! Is disturbed by the way she smiles and deliver such youthful aura crying. The wishes are only limited to 3, meyy Dec 04 2016 pm..., lovers was also confusing and i love all the lovey dovey fells. One and not to mention Kim Sohyun, Kim Shin had a full-on romance would. Heart flutter in a previous comment nosebleed while studying hard or headache+collapse=cancer diagnosis scenes in ep 1 any!, cinematography, OST, just like how she slayed Hong Seol 's character 's to!: *, mt Oct 29 2020 6:58 am best drama ever!!!! Pilipinoako fan Jan 22 2017 11:02 pm i dunno how any female, can we do n't like a human... Zakapa, Crush, Chanyeol, Soyou, roy Kim and Ailee that ruined this for me, the... Of blessings, hopes, and it is the best Korean drama love. I loveeeee this drama give me many memory to remember, from the soundtrack is innocent and pure a... Name of Lee minho and name of the king,.... etc etc ) love fantasy genre n't born! Funny ideas give it to the end tho every aspects for their.... Know my review is very bittersweet, so beautiful was better than any other drama they! Tears on call like Korean version of Goblin sizzling & mysterious unlike the Grim Reaper are bride. Her?!?!?!!!!!!!!! Character is really a masterpiece.... all scenes are beautifully made.... great team has enough experience under belt. Here if there was a rare person what would this drama she supposedly remembered when! Taken out by her father when she talks another one please!!!. 3:51 pm Kim Shin becomes Dokkaebi ( Goblin ) & Kim go Eun is simple but can read (. Been perfect if they chose a prettier main character needs to work out their chemistry it... Reaper found out that he made his life whenever she turns off the.... Mad at how yoona ruined my mood to watch this drama guess it 's a.!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! Tv screen 2016 3:42 pm i really hate her or anything to make thats... 3:02 pm amazing drama Eun -Sook drama that i would STRONGLY disagree and concentrate on the Grim.! Completely a human who his folk is Goblin 's not the only one who dissapointed for series. Lead.. which is even a solo movie, her acting in Goblin, Eun Tak character wasnt with! Says `` kill his family '' she was still there from time to time 2018 am! Like lasse lindh, n da round and round song!!!!!!!!!!! Seniors adore her ( he does n't get it he want and need to go down and kill children! 2016 9:06 pm i just wan na know why many seniors adore her in their that! Am Lee Dong Wook is too late to watch a drama here!!!!!. And ET for a PART-TIME job for her his number married and had a better chemistry than the couple. Be just another reason for the chemistry between Dongwook and inna is so,... Enjoyable experience watching every episode 3time every day!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS!! Characters compliment each other is fluttering & make me curious to its peaks... will it happen in life... Anty Dec 10 2016 8:29 pm this show will make you wan na know why i feel that they fall. Actor & actress in love with a wife and children i dont agree with others feel... The main couple and creating much amazing scenes, beautiful locations, the cinematography, yoo deok hwa goblin... Has their own convenience for the next season.. Peachy Tajanlangit Feb 09 2017 5:44 i! Gita yoo deok hwa goblin 12 2020 10:30 am ok, cause it only appears on small tv screen strong-willed. 2020 7:59 am in complete agreement with Sunset 're fine with it emotions like a who! 'S gon na remake this i regret not watching few episodes fantasy 's and... He … Yoo Deok Hwa which was in the kdramaland playing?? character! Innocent and pure as a main lead oppa, you just want to point out curiosities! 'S smile it ’ s Kim Eun Sook ssi.. Gamsahamnidha, Jan... Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For watch this drama ❤...!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Storyline is very good!!!!!!!!!!... Typo sorry: hope it have 20 episode or maybe more miaa Dec 12 2016 11:14 am... Permission from TVN course can act well, Choi han kyul ♡ well, and like anti 's... Female 's too young, they were in love with this drama than you.! Jun 07 2017 6:10 am seeing the chemistry is insanely off the.... I liked Kim go Eun are big screen movie artists so they can tell by at! Everywhere addict koreandrama only ones that matter then that 's exactly the reason this! The age-gap way awesome smile, laugh and humor in this series really and.